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I am the oldest of three children in the family of Jake & Tina Enns. My sister Brenda is one year younger, and my brother Richard is 3 years younger. 

NEW: My dad passed away on October 26, 2004.  A web page honoring his memory can be found here.

NEW: If you are curious to know about the airplane crash that my dad and I survived in 1971, check the web page here.

NEW: In the last few years, my sister and brother have reached the 40-years-old event, and I created some picture pages to show them growing up here (for my sister) and here (for my brother).


Here are some pics that I have of my you can see where I get my good looks from!

JPG pic of Mom & Dad
                    as young couple

Here is an old pic of my parents as a young unmarried couple in love!

JPG pic of Mom & Dad at their wedding

Here is a candid pic taken at their wedding in 1960!

JPG pic of our young

Here is a pic of our young family!

JPG pic of our my
                    young siblings and I

Here is a special pic of my siblings and I at a young age!

NEW: Move mouse over image to show us 38 years later!"

JPG pic of my family
                    at August 2000 Reunion

Here is a pic of my grown-up family at a large extended reunion held in August 2000!

JPG pics of my family
                    at August 2002 birthday party

Here is pic of my grown-up family at our Christmas gathering 2002!

JPG Enns Damily 2006 at Meal

Here is a casual mealtime pic of our family in 2006 after Dad had 'gone home'.

JPG Family Xmas 2007

Here is another pic of our family for Christmas 2007!

JPG Family Corn
                        & Apple Festival 2009

NEW: Here is another pic of our family during the Corn & Apple Festival 2009!

JPG family xmas pic 2013

NEW!  Family pic with everyone in it from Christmas 2013!

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