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Welcome to the Richard Allan Enns 40th birthday celebration page! My brother was born on March 10th, 1965, and he is now 40 years old!. Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version. Have fun!

Baby Richard (heavy!)Toddler RichardDryer RichardPiggy RichardSuit RichardSuit Richard #2Wet RichardCat RichardGuitar RichardGuitar Richard #2Sailor RichardDeer RichardRailing RichardStump RichardSmiley RichardSmiley Richard #2Pony RichardBinocular RichardBus RichardCamp RichardCar Richard Car Richard #2 Cereal Richard Cowboy Richard Girly RichardBirthday Richard Fishing RichardSquirt Richard Flintstone RichardSnowmobile RichardFuzzhead RichardTeen RichardHawaii RichardHomework RichardFishing Richard #2Graduate RichardPose RichardGambler Richard

I am sure that you will agree that these pictures prove that he has been a 'shnupsy' kid brother his whole life and will probably continue to be one! Yes, he got the 'looks' when the genetics were being handed out, but I got the 'brains'.