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Frodo passed away on May 2nd 2000
Pippin passed away on July 9 2008
Sammy was befriended and sent for adoption on September 29 2008
Merry passed away on January 25 2019


February 2-16, 2009 Disaster strikes!  Merry becomes very sick, and the diagnosis from the Morden Veterinary Clinic is that he has caught a serious virus: Feline calicivirus (FCV).  On February 13th, he is doing so poorly that I prepared to take him for his 'final journey', but my vet suggests patience -- which is rewarded that same day by a noticable improvement.  Ultimately, Merry recovers.  Moral of the story: introducing a new cat into a family containing an un-vacinated older cat is asking for a mess of trouble!
January 24, 2009 It was time to add another cat back into the family, and after a visit to the friendly Pembina Valley Humane Society, Theo was brought home.
September 29, 2008 The poor stray cat had re-appeared, having survived the winter of 2007/2008.  I named him 'Sammy', and created a short web page for him on Sammy's Page.
July 9, 2008 Much to my saddness, Pippin has passed away!  For a memorial page, please see Pippin's Page.  I am grateful that he was able to spend at least some time in his new home in Morden.
May 27, 2008 A major event in the lives of Pippin and Merry -- moving from their Winnipeg city home to the town of Morden (120 km)
JPG Cats
                packed in cages Cats packed in cages, ready to leave for Morden -- and already crying to get out!  Notice that the cats have grown large enough over the past 8 years that they now require two cages, instead of the one that brought them here.
JPG Cats
                in car arriving in Morden Cats in 1985 Honda Civic CRX, newly arrived in Morden -- petrified and wanting to get out of those cages!  The human driver is frazzled from listening to cat howls for over an hour.
JPG Cats
                in cages with me in Morden driveway Cats and myself in destination Morden driveway -- a stressful trip for both man and cats, but finally over!
JPG First
                calm cat meal First "calm" cat meal in Morden.
JPG Cats
                on windowsill Cats checking out one of the sunny window sills in their new Morden home.  Pippin is the bold explorer, while Merry is the ever-cautious observer.


OK, I admit it -- I make up silly poems and sing them to my cats.  They get a kick out of it, and I get the mental exercise of making up rhymes :)  To start off, here is one that I made up lately (September 2003):

The Two Cats that Lived by the Sea

There once were two cats that lived by the sea

Their names were Pippin and Merry
They lived with a man whose name was Dare
He gave them the most wonderful care
The cats would eat and sleep and play
It didn't really matter if it was night or day
Sometimes the man would pat their fur
And then those cats would meow and purr
They lived many years very happily
That man and the cats who lived by the sea

A Cat Pat Song

Pippin and Merry
They are my cats
Pippin and Merry
They like their pats
Pippin and Merry
How do you do
Pippin and Merry
Go smell my shoe

I Wish

I wish
I wish
I wish
I wish I was...
I wish I was a cat!
Then I would lay
All the long day
And I would have
No bills to pay!
I wish
I wish
I wish
I wish I was...
I wish I was a cat!
Merry and Pippin,
How are you?
I've gotta go now
I have work to do!
I wish
I wish
I wish
I wish I was...
I wish I was a cat!

JPG Pic Cats
                Sleeping (2003/10/03)


Sept 22, 2000 Cats adopted from the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter. Here are a few pics!

JPG pic of Pippin & Merry in Rescue
                        Shelter (bottom cage) [CLICK FOR LARGER]

Here they are in their Pet Rescue Shelter cages (bottom cage)...

JPG pic of Pippin & Merry in new Home
                        [CLICK FOR LARGER]

Here they are with their first looks inside their new home...

JPG pic of Jack & Ernie together [CLICK
                        FOR LARGER]

Here they are resting in their new favorite chair (I will have to find another place to sit)...

JPG pic of Pippin & Merry wrestling
                        [CLICK FOR LARGER]

Here they are as good wrestling buddies...

JPG pic of Pippin & Merry wrestling
                        [CLICK FOR LARGER]

Here they are as good grooming buddies...

JPG pic of Pippin & Merry sleeping
                        together [CLICK FOR LARGER]

Here they are as good hugging buddies...

  • Based on the character 'Pippin Took' from 'The Lord of the Rings'
  • Black and white
  • Confident, squirmy, tiny, camera-lover
  • Loves getting belly rubs
  • Estimated birth date = Sept 1999
  • Current weight = 6.4kg (14 lbs)
  • Based on the character 'Merry Brandybuck' from 'The Lord of the Rings'
  • Black (difficult to see in the dark!)
  • Cautious, affectionate, large, camera-shy
  • Loves petting and being spun in an office chair
  • Estimated birth date = Sept 1999
  • Current weight = 7.7kg (17 lbs)


Use the simple 'cross-eyed' method to view Pippin in 3D!

JPG Pippin pic left imageJPG Pippin image right


Actual cat fight movie of Merry and Pippin!


This demo requires a JAVA-capable browser

The internet contains multiple 'charts' to help one calculate the age of a cat in human years, and they are not all the same. The java applet above (arbitrarily) uses the first one that I came across.

JPG Pic of cats hugging


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