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I am very grateful to the Pembina Valley Humane Society for their efforts to find a home for Sammy the Cat!

Here are the things that I will miss about Sammy:
NOTE: For those of you who are curious as to why the name 'Sam' was given to this stray cat -- it comes from one of the main characters of the 'Lord of the Rings' novels.  I had already used the named 'Frodo', 'Pippin', and 'Merry' for my own cats, so 'Sam' was the natural next choice!
JPG Sammy the cat

The legend of Sam ("Sammy") the cat begins sometime in the cold winter of 2007/2008, when he was noticed as a poor cat in the snow, walking on 3 legs.   Efforts were made to feed him, and shelter him from the bitterly cold temperatures, but he was so frightened that he didn't stick around for longer than a few hours.  

It was assumed that he had hadn't survived the winter, but in September 2008 he appeared again -- a little worse for wear -- and very hungry and thirsty.  Still extremely cautious, he nevertheless ate the food that was offered him -- if only from a distance.  However, the seasons were moving quickly, and we were determined that "Sammy" would not suffer another bleak struggle-for-survival winter.  A new injury had appeared -- his left ear had been brutally slashed.

Slowly, from offers of food, and quiet soothing speech, he began to trust the 'humans' more and more.  A large plastic dog carrier was set up as a temporary shelter, and he immediately realized its purpose -- and slept inside -- on a cat blanket -- each night.  The relationship grew: he now 'meowed' when the door was opened in the morning, and came hopping over for food.  It was during one of these meals that he allowed one of the humans to actually touch his forehead, while he was eating.  It was then only a matter of a day or two before he allowed firm stroking and petting -- and it was clear that he enjoyed it immensely -- possibly even more than the food itself!  

Even though he had been cruelly abandoned in the past, Sammy had never forgotten the joys of human companionship.

Sadly, with our own extremely jealous cat, we knew that we would not be able to keep Sammy ourselves.  With the gentle trust that only a desparate cat could offer, he allowed us to bring him to the local vet clinic on September 29th.  The local Humane Society was also full.  Sammy was set for 'termination' on October 6th...

...However, something amazing occured (flash video follows):

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