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The languages presented in The Lord of the Rings has intrigued me since I first read the books back in high school (the mid 1970s). Seeing the LOTR (and now Hobbit) movies have renewed that interest, and with the vast resources of the internet I was now able to make a serious (albeit small) attempt at writing some of my own words in these languages.

For now, I have decided to start with a small example written in Quenya using Tengwar Parmaite font characters. Here is my humble attempt created with Gimp, which I challenge anyone to translate (HINT: it is a phrase from the New Testament):

PNG Quenya Sample

(I Heru Entuluva)

Here is the same expression written in Sindarin:

PNG Sindarin Sample

(I Hir Toltha)


Some useful LOTR language links:

JPG Picture of the One Ring

This 'Ring' graphic translation was also done using Gimp and the Tengwar Cursive font:

PNG picture of the One
                Ring translation

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