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NEW! Used my Hoya R72 infrared filter on my newer Canon T1i DSLR to see if it would work out as well.  Here, for example, is an original JPG image with the following exposure:
  • 1/500 second
  • f/14.0
  • 3200ISO
Click on the pics for larger views!
JPG ir photo with white balance
The image above is the original image + Gimp Colors/Auto/White Balance
JPG house ir
                  wb and desaturate
The image above is the original image + Gimp Colours/Auto/White Balance + Colours/Desaturate/Average
JPG JPEG color
The image above is an older 'regular' photo from the camera
Here is the same image from the R72 filter with the following exposure:
  • 5 seconds
  • f/5.6
  • 3200ISO
JPG infrared orig
After some edits in GIMP, here is the final result:
JPG b&w

In the summer of 2006, I aquired a used Hoya R72 infrared filter, and starting taking some pictures around my yard.  I used GIMP to post-process the pictures (Colors/Levels/Auto + Colors/Desaturate/Brightness), and some samples are below.  Click on any of the pictures if you want to view a larger version.
JPG IR Image #1
JPEG IR Image #2
JPEG IR image #4
JPEG IR Image #3
JPEG IR Image #5

Here are some pics of my home, showing the original 'normal' photo, original 'ir' photo, and a final 'ir' photo after processing by GIMP.  You can also click for a larger image:
JPG house
JPG house
                  IR original
JPG hoiuse
                  IR final

Here are a few good links to good information on infrared photography:
Here is a GNUPLOT plot of the Hoya R72 IR filter wavelength/transmission:

PNG R72 graph

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