Ezekiel Gog & Magog War

Battle of Armageddon

Final Battle

Ezekiel 38:1-23, Ezekiel 39:1-29 Rev 16:12-16,
Rev 19:17-21
Rev 20:7-9
Gog, Meshech, Tubal, Persia, Cush, Libya, and Gomer involved
The Beast, all kings and peoples involved Gog & Magog (all nations) involved and deceived
Forces gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel Demonic spirits gather armies of the Earth to Armageddon Forces gathered for war
March to a land restored from violence (i.e. Israel)
[Tribulation and Day of the Lord]
[Millenium peace]
People in Israel populated from the nations [present-day Israel] [Millenium Israel]
Israel living securely with no fortifications [Tribulation and Day of the Lord] [Millenium peace]
Gog (and allies) invade Israel The Beast, all kings and peoples to fight against Heaven's armies Gog & Magog (all nations) involved
Attack comes from the north Euphrates dries up path for armies from the east Surround the saints and beloved city (i.e. Jerusalem)
God brings massive earthquake to Israel (but shakes entire world) [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Gog's weapons to be turned against itself [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Bloodshed and disease will strike soldiers [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Flood, hailstones, fire, and sulfur will strike as well God destroys invaders
God sends fire to destroy invaders
Gog's and allied nation's armies will collapse on mountain tops [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Animals will feast on the dead armies Animals will feast on the dead armies [not mentioned]
Israel will burn weapons for 7 years [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Dead will be buried for 7 months [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Memorial sites and markers will be set up [not mentioned] [not mentioned]
Israel restored [Millenium] [New Jerusalem]

I have attempted to mark in GREEN those references that have a stronger affinity, and in RED those that exhibit some sort of difference.

There are certainly other interpretations of these descriptions, some which may very well be true (e.g. symbolic vs literal labels for Gog/Magog, two different battles in Ezekiel 38 and 39, etc.) but this is currently the limits of my own research and confidence levels :)